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Tube and Fitting

tube and fittingScaffGap has been embraced by industry, combating the inherent risks at source. Work at height safety remains a top priority. The use of ScaffGap demonstrates best practice, compliance with health and safety legislation and first and foremost; A Safer Place of Work! Work at Height accident statistics speak for themselves, we all have a duty to strive for an accident and injury free workplace. ScaffGap’s ease of use is the perfect solution to an otherwise arduous task, that regrettably is often overlooked! Our new heavy duty version is even stronger and will withstand greater impacts. Be proactive and not a statistic!

System Scaffgap

cuplockThis new version of ScaffGap has been specifically designed and manufactured to suit the increased inherent gap within system scaffold platforms. The picture opposite illustrates 'System ScaffGap' in use on a Cuplok System Scaffold platform where traditional scaffold boards have been used. As is visible, 'System ScaffGap' provides the perfect solution to combat the fall hazard at source. The increased width and wall thickness to this version also makes it compatible with platforms constructed using unit/dog bone transoms. Th pre-determined bay lengths of system scaffold make System ScaffGap the perfect re-usable solution


supadekAnother version of ScaffGap has been specifically design and manufactured to pwerfectly compliment the scaffold board system 'Supadek'. ScaffGap is easily installed to ensure there is no gap through which materials or tools could fall.

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999; Regulation 4 Schedule 1: General Principles of Prevention : Combat the Risk at Source


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